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Tanel Padar Blues Band

Estonia (EE):
Tanel Padar Blues Band

Tanel Padar Blues Band

Tanel Padar Blues Band

Singer, guitar player and songwriter Tanel Padar is the most notorious figure in the Estonian music scene. He has won every possible award and has participated in almost every noteworthy Estonian popular musical event over the last 15 years.  In 2001 Tanel Padar won the Eurovision Song Contest together with Dave Benton.

Tanel Padar Blues Band was born in 2012 as one-time-old-friends-project, but soon enough evolved into a stable band. The band’s keyboard player Ülo Krigul is one of the most acclaimed young classical composers of Estonia, the guitar player Raul Ukareda is the most acclaimed blues guitarist of the country and organizer of the Augustibluus festival, the bass player Argo Toomel is one of Estonia’s most sought-after roots bass players, and drummer Petteri Hasa is an acclaimed Finnish jazz multi-instrumentalist and big band leader. 

The band is a frequent headliner of local festivals and plays constantly in clubs in Estonia as well as in Finland. 

Tanel Padar – vocals
Raul Ukareda – guitar
Ülo Krigul – keyboards
Argo Toomel – bass
Petteri Hasa – drums

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